African American Student Leadership Institute (AASLI)

Started in 2002, African American Student Leadership Institute (AASLI) is a semester-long program for sophomores meeting cultural balancing needs from the social, historical, racial, self-acceptance, self concept, and integration contexts.

Uniting Divine Sistahs Course/Program (UDS)

The “Uniting Divine Sistahs” course/program, derived from the UDS Retreat established in 2006, is dedicated to empowering African American women of all classifications at Texas A&M University by providing culturally relevant information. The “Uniting Divine Sistahs” course/program is designed to address the development of leader capacity and socially constructed identities. The course/program is an expansion from the pre-existing UDS retreat, which addressed leading in diverse organizations, healthy body image, and challenging socially established gender norms and roles. The course will aid students in their ability to encourage social change, build camaraderie among other women, and develop networking opportunities among women from diverse backgrounds.

Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club (DGC)

The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club (DGC) was established in 2004, emphasizes and educates on black history, leadership, manhood and perseverance. The aim of the club is to introduce young African American men to the complex array of the Black males plight and the infrastructure of the Black Greek-lettered fraternity. This will be accomplished by attendance of eight training seminars and reading of books that, in our view, best capture the dynamics of the black male image in what we deemed the search of the Black gentlemen.

Study Hours

NPHC study hours were created to provide an environment that was conducive to fostering proper studying habits and to promote networking across campus to gain academic support amongst peers. Designated study hours directly address retention issues by providing a space by which Black students can establish a sense of community at a predominately White institution and by connecting them to direct resources that may assist them in their professional as well as personal development. All individuals who are interested in joining any of the organizations under the National Pan-Hellenic Council at Texas A&M University must attend 80% of the provided study hours.


The purpose of this step show is to educate Panhellenic organizations and other cultures about the roots of the African-American culture as well as the significance of stepping while providing a snapshot of what NPHC does locally and nationally. All proceeds made through Stompfest help support NPHC’s philanthropic endeavors as well as aid with our annual programming events. NPHC currently hosts three, nationally recognized auxiliary programs here on campus: Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club and Uniting Divine Sistahs Retreat. These programs cultivate professional and leadership development within undergraduate students while providing forums by which African-American students can network, persevere, and enrich the local Bryan/College Station community.

Anti-Hazing Workshop

This workshop is mandatory for anyone interested in joining a Greek Lettered Organization in NPHC. Attire is business professional, inappropriate attire will be denied participation. The workshop is hosted once every semester. Up-to-date attendance is necessary to be eligible for membership intake. The purpose of this workshop is to educate/inform potential members of hazing prior to joining a Greek Lettered Organization. The NPHC Advisor aims to ensure that potential members know what hazing is, where to report hazing, and how to detect if they are being hazed.

Business Professional Attire almost always means:

  • Suits (with tie) for men, paired with a solid-colored dress shirt
  • Suits, pants suits or dresses with jacket for women
  • Neutral colors and conservative footwear for all
  • Clean grooming, ironed clothes and attention paid to the details