Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club (DGC)

The purpose of DGC is to increase positive visibility of African American men by creating an environment conducive of unity in the African American community specifically influencing males, while exposing Black men to the opportunities and accomplishments of NPHC fraternities.

Description of Gentlemen’s Club

The aim of the club is to introduce young African American men to the complex array of the Black male?s plight and the infrastructure of the Black Greek-lettered fraternity. This will be accomplished by attendance of eight training seminars and reading of books that, in our view, best capture the dynamics of the black male image in what we deemed the search of the Black gentlemen.

Program Overview

Executive Board

The Executive Board will consist of one member of each NPHC fraternity and non-Greek members. The Executive Board will offer approximately sixty to eighty men invitations to apply for membership into the Gentlemen’s club. The candidates for membership will be selected based on level of motivation, academic status, commitment to self-awareness, and the ability to adhere to code of ethics and program policies. Membership to the club is exclusive and highly competitive, offering membership only to candidates that score high on both application and interview.

The Gentlemen’s Club is an eight-week membership with new members selected each semester by application and interview process. The men whom are selected will be divided into four study groups of no more than 15 men. The club will meet weekly for seminars while also attending a weekly academic study session with their subgroup chaired by the Executive Board. The weekly seminars will cover a myriad of topics ranging from African American identity to interpersonal relationships.

Expectations of Club members

  • Attend weekly DGC meetings and excursion, Meetings Mondays at 3 pm beginning February 18th
  • Attend NPHC fraternity’s programs or service activities
  • Submit a contract to their academic advisor stating they are involved in the program
  • Select one staff or faculty member to be a point of contact for weekly check-in. This check-in is intended to be informal and brief in nature and should acts a catalyst for men to become acquainted with their professors and/or academic advisor
  • Members with less than a 2.5 cumulative GPA are required to enroll in academic skills training program through Student Counseling and must receive a certificate of completion
  • Pay a $50.00 (or $150.00 if there is an excursion) membership fee which will cover all food, supplies, t-shirt, and miscellaneous items
  • Attend weekly developmental seminars
  • Maintain contact with Executive Board
  • Comply with the Gentlemen’s Code of Ethics
  • Complete content questionnaires

Compliance Deficiency

Failure to comply with expectations may result in immediate termination of membership and submission of all organization resources. *Any member may be removed from the club by unanimous vote of the Executive Board or failure to adhere to the code of ethics.

Applicants will be contacted via e-mail to schedule an interview late January 2019. Program will begin in February 2019. 

Club Application: DGC 2019 Application

Proudly Sponsored by the Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs